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Vikas Pumps & Pollution Control Devices Ltd is a metering pumps and dispensers manufacturer, who pioneered the first valve less rotating ,gear pumps, Screw Pumps  and reciprocating piston metering pump concept over  years ago. Enhanced and improved over the years, Vikas metering pumps continue to provide innovative fluid control solutions. Our dispensers and metering pumps are the industry standard for high degree of accuracy, precision and durability.

Utilized in a broad range  of Analytical, Industrial Process, Environmental and OEM applications requiring precision fluid control, Vikas pumps have provided users with the ultimate performance.

Vikas Pumps & Pollution Control Devices Ltd. offer several different types pumps that can used as dosing pumps.

The definition of a dosing varies from industry to industry as different applications require different levels of accuracy and flow. Consequently, we offer a range of dosing pumps capable of dosing to different levels of flow and accuracy.

Our range of dosing pumps includes several dosing pumps for general doing purposes to precise metering pumps like Hose Pumps and also includes high pressure dosing pumps in the form of piston and plunger pumps.

Single Piston Dosing Pumps

Design Features

Positive return of plunger and variable strike mechanism allows linear relationship between control stroke setting and stroke length. They have law NPSH requirements.

Multiple head, Double acting plunger head, Sanitary design head, Head with bellow seal, Remote head, Jacketed head design available.

Chrome, boron, ceramic coated or solid ceramic plunger choices are available choice of gland packing in PTFE , chevron , poly urethane , silicon , poly amide upon request,

various types of non return (check) valves, pressure relief valve for safety of pump and system are available.

Flushing or cooling arrangement for gland packing and plunger is possible.

Steady state metering accuracy + 1% of pump output , at single setting stroke from 10%-100%

Reproducibility ( repeatability ) better than + 2.5% of set point.

Easily handle viscous fluids and compatible with most of fluids.

Capacity :

up to 15000 lph

Pressure :

up to 1000 kg/cm2

M.O.C :

SS - 304, SS -316, Alloy - 20.

Temp :

- 20 º c to + 300 º c.







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