The Vikas Flexi Hose Skimmer


The Vikas Flexi  Hose Skimmer provides a solution by removing the oil that collects on the surface of the emulsion. The leak oil is removed from the surface and sloughed off in the unit by means of special self-cleaning, oil-conveying hoses. There is no need for filters or micro porous membranes. This results in lower operating and follow-up costs. The hose skimmer has an oil separating unit and ensures that up to 90% of tramp oil is removed

The Vikas Flexi Hose skimmer is attached above the basin by means of a magnetic plate, ideally on the side opposite the liquid inlet. The base plate of the drive unit must be positioned about 300 mm above the maximum level of the liquid. The hose is positioned at the outlet support and fed into a sedimentation basin. The hose skimmer can be used for continuous operation or controlled by means of a timer. Use of the unit during operation of the tool machine is recommended. The hose moves through the floating oil film and separates it from the liquid. The oil is sloughed off in the unit and flows into a collecting tank outside the machine.

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