Hydraulic Press


We have developed hydraulically operated bagasse /RDF / Paper baling press . The manufacturing of the machines while having a same hydraulic principle but working wise these are different.

The advantages of hydraulically press is as under:

  1. These are double action press therefor deliver one bale on each side of the press.

  2. The hydraulic pressure which is equivalent to 150 kg. / cm2 causes lot of compactness on the material feeding to the press.

  3. No. of people working on the press are less comparing to mechanical press.

  4. Very nominal wear and tear . In the absence any gearing arrangement mechanical failure is absolutely nil.

  5. Operational cost is nominal, hydraulic oil require replenishment every four to five months.

  6. The size of the bale may vary for which necessary changes press design is done before manufacturing.

  7. No need of any type lubricant during working.

  8. Foolproof operation.


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