Centralised Oil Lubricating Systems


COL system supply filtered and cooled oil to bearings,usually in the dryer section & MG.

Centralised Oil Lubricating Systems

The COL system are designed & manufactured keep in mind that the unit is going to work at a very important location in an industry. A minutest fault in the system will bring the complete plant to grinding halt, causing several lac rupees losses. Each and every component used in manufacturing of COL system are procured from highly reputed manufacturers.

Under the unit a bottom inclined oil tank having baffle plates are used. In the tank the contamination, if there is any are settled. The contaminated free oil send to oil pump through 75 to 200 micron filter.

In order to ensure continuous working of the system two nos. motor, pumps are the part of the system. In the eventuality of failure of one pump, the working automatically switched over to the another pump. This features makes the operation continuous.

The other features which are both audio/visual nature as are under:

  • High oil temp. indications.

  • Stand by motor / pump switch over.

  • Low oil pressure indications by alarm system.

  • Low oil level indicator.


    Tank Capacity


    2000 Litres.

    Pump Flow Rate


    15 M3/Hr.

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