Oil Filtration & Transfer Unit


A perfect solution for recycling and contamination control of mineral based oil.


This portable unit is designed to filter contaminated oil having viscosity upto 1000 cST. It is available in various oil flow capacities-16, 30 and 60 litres per minute with filtration rating of 25, 10, 5 and 3 microns. The unit can also be supplied with Aqua Micron filters for moisture removal. Made of heavy duty pumping/hydraulic elements this extremely robust unit requires practically no maintenance except periodic changing of filter elements. This unit can be used to filter and re-circulate lubricants without shutting down the machine. It is also ideal for transfer of oil from drums to machine reservoirs as it filters while it transfers.

These units are supplied complete with electrical motor, starter, hydraulic gear pump, filters, clogging indicators, drip pan & hydraulic hose.



Hydraulic cylinder tubes : HONED/SKIVED & ROLLER BURNISHED seamless tube as per DIN - 2391 conforming to the following specifications :

  1. Its simple design enables changing of filter elements by unskilled staff.
  2. A clogging indicator provided with each filter helps determine the condition of the filter.
  3. Reduces oxidation of oil.
  4. Reduces wear and tear of pumps, valves, hydraulic actuators and bearings.
  5. Reduces sludge build up and aeration of oil.
  6. Prevents substantial changes in oil viscosity.
  7. Increases life of hydraulic oil and lubrication system components.
  8. The unit can easily be wheeled from place to place.
  9. The unit pays for itself as it extends fluid life thus reducing new fluid purchases.
  10. Improves machine tool efficiency and consistency.



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